Jaguar I-Pace updated for 2020

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Jaguar’s world-conquering electric SUV has received another update and the Coventry-based marque intends to roll-out iPhone style upgrades throughout the vehicle’s life.

Having scooped an abundance of global awards, including World car of the Year in 2019, the I-Pace has come in for some upgrades for 2020. Jaguar says that it will continuously update the I-Pace throughout its life, even on a yearly basis, much like an iPhone is updated every year. Jaguar is able to do this via over-the-air software updates which allows the brand to connect to your car and then send updates to it, in much the same way as your Smartphone updates apps.

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Visual update

The 2020 update does include one small visual tweak, an Atlas Chrome finish to the grille pins is now standard. A Bright pack option is available which adds chrome finishes to the grille, Atlas Grey mirrors, rear diffuser and window surrounds. A Black Pack option pack is also available adding a gloss black finish to the rear badges.

New paint colours in the form of Caldera red, Portofino blue and Eiger grey have been added to the colour choice. 19-inch wheels have also been added to the option list, down from the original model’s 20-inch-only.

Infotainment speed upgrade

New Pivy Pro infotainment system is 85% faster than the previous system.

The major update for the 2020 model comes in the infotainment department where the I-Pace will be the first Jaguar to receive the Pivi Pro infotainment system. It’s a faster and more interactive system than previously. It boots up much quicker and is ready to go the moment you switch the car on. The menus have been redesigned to feel more like a Smartphone and the button presses for key features have been reduced to make it easier and less time-consuming to operate.

Wireless charging is finally available and with it comes Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The wireless bay boosts signal on the phone too. The infotainment system comes with a dual modem embedded Sim and Bluetooth meaning you can pair 2 phones to the system at a time (one for media and one for calls).

Better charge

At the end of 2019, the I-Pace received a 20 km range upgrade courtesy of a software update learned from its Formula E race car. This year the on-board charging infrastructure has been upgraded. Those with three-phase power are now able to charge the I-Pace at 11 kW compared with the 7 kW previously. Single-phase powered houses can still charge the vehicle but are limited to 7 kW. Theoretically, the 11 kW charger can add 53 km of charge per hour and will ‘brim’ the electric tank in around 8 hours.

Safety improvements

A ClearSight rear-view camera has been added projecting an image from the rear antenna backwards. We’ve used this system in the Evoque and found it to take some getting used to but provides a much clearer view of what’s going on behind you. It even works well in the dark, where most cameras struggle.

Coming to SA?

Jaguar SA confirmed the updated I-Pace will be here towards the end of this year. No price has been indicated yet, but we will update this article as soon as further announcements are made.

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