Jaguar To Build Six Brand New E-Types

1963 Jaguar Lightweight E Type

Jaguar has announced plans to build six reproductions of the original race-bred Lightweight E-type to complete the production run, as only 12 of the scheduled 18 were ever finished. Jaguar’s Lightweight E-type project started back in 1963, with the last car assembled in 1964.

The new cars will be constructed by Jaguar’s finest craftsmen, and each of the 6 vehicles will be hand built using an all-aluminium body and will follow exact specifications of their original 1960s forebears – including the 3.8-litre straight-six engine. The Lightweight version was 114 kg lighter as a result of using aluminium for the engine block and body panels, as well as stripping the car of the interior trimmings and exterior chrome pieces including the bumper and the hand-operated windows. The first new Lightweight E-type will make its public debut later in the year. Further information will be released at that point.