Italian Rolls-Royce Cullinan Rival

Aznom Palladium Luxury SUV Sedan 2

Extreme all-terrain luxury, the flair.

Italian design is never subtle and this new all-terrain luxury vehicle concept is proof of that.

The idea is to create a combination of limousine and average off-road ability, within a strikingly styled package. It is called the Aznom Palladium and if you need something to make a Rolls-Royce Cullinan owner feel insignificant, this could probably be it.

Measuring 6 metres bumper-to-bumper, the Palladium is huge and every design feature which could be made more elaborate – has been duly shaped for effect.

There is an enormous grille up front, with very angular panels framing the light clusters. Towards the Palladium’s rear, it features hugely flared renders, accentuating the wheel arches.

Powering the Palladium, is a twin-turbocharged petrol engine, boosting 500 kW. Aznom is not at liberty to say which configuration or displacement this engine is - yet. There is also little detail on the Palladium’s platform or drive set-up, but from the renderings, it would appear to have substantial ground clearance.

Although its proportions are rather odd, there is no questioning the Palladium’s presence. Aznom says that a production-ready model will be revealed in September, with full technical details.

And if you are wondering about the company’s name: Aznom is ‘Monza’, written backwards. And yes, they have a strong history of producing Italian leather and carbon-fibre fashion and industrial design items, since 2006. Including bespoke products, for Pagani’s customers.

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