Ford Ecosport (2018) Video Review

An all-new Ford Ecosport has arrived in South Africa recently. We gave one to Ciro de Siena to make a video, this is what he did.

This is the new Ford Ecosport. For some reason Ford wants us to call it the Echo-sport. Either way, its the latest generation of a car which has proved very popular in South Africa. So is this new one any good, and should you buy one? The Ecosport is based on a Fiesta. It has a Fiesta chassis, engine and gearbox, but its, you know, taller and the Ecosport is on average 10% more expensive than the equivalent Fiesta. This has allowed it to tap into South Africans’ love of SUVs. This is a review of the 1.0T Trend variant, which represents the middle of the range.

For a full breakdown of details and South African pricing, visit: Ford EcoSport (2018) Specs & Price

For a first drive review from the KZN Midlands click here: Ford EcoSport (2018) Launch Review

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