Ferrari 812 GTS Unveiled

Ferrari 812GTS 3

Ferrari has dropped the top of its 812 and created what it's claiming to be the most powerful production spider. Meet the 812 GTS.

Exactly 50 years on from the debut of the last spider in the Ferrari range to sport a front-mounted V12, the Ferrari 812 GTS hails a triumphant return for a model type that has played a pivotal role in the marque's history since its foundation.

Powered by a 6.5-litre V12, the 812 GTS produces an insane 588 kW and 718 Nm. With a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, it's claimed to blitz to 100 kph in under 3 seconds, will do 0-200 kph in 8.3 seconds and will max out at over 340 kph. Fuel consumption is irrelevant if you're earning the kind of money to afford one of these beauties, but there is a 92 litre fuel tank, so you should be able to cover some distance before needing to refuel.

The retractable hard top can open in just 14 seconds at speeds of up to 45 kph and the clever roof mechanism has packaging benefits, meaning a larger boot capacity.

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