SF90 is Ferrari's 735kW hybrid


The latest mid-engine supercar from Maranello is also the fastest and most powerful road-going Ferrari yet.

A very bold move for the traditional supercar brand, Ferrari’s SF90 is it's first true customer facing hybrid. True, the LaFerrari also featured battery power to augment performance, but that was very limited edition hypercar, available for purchase by invitation only.

Powering the new car is a significantly modified version of Ferrari’s 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, first seen in the 488. For the SF90 application, it increases slightly in size (from 3902cc to 3990cc, features a smaller diameter flywheel, lighter internals, improved fluid dynamics and 350bar fuel injection pressure.

The V8 engine is good for 574 kW, but that’s not the full SF90 story. Energy is harvested and ready to be deployed when required, stored in a 7.9 kWh lithium-ion battery, adding 162 kW to the SF90’s total powertrain output when required. When both the V8 and batteries are in unison, the SF90 is good for 735 kW.

Ferrari’s hybridization of the SF90 has also delivered the first all-wheel Scuderia. Two electric motors drive the front wheels, enabling torque-vectoring to act on the outside wheel during dynamic cornering.

Performance is monumental. An eight-speed dual-clutch transmission transfers the SF90’s power and on a high-friction surface, Ferrari claims it will run the benchmark 0-100 kph sprint in only 2.5 seconds. Top speed registers at 340kph and Ferrari says that its dual-clutch transmission is the fastest sifting of any current production road car.

No Ferrari is complete without comprehensive aerodynamics and the SF90 totals 250kg of downforce at 250 kph, thanks to a flexible DRS-type rear wing. That aerofoil can be retracted to reduce drag.

Although efficiency is never an aspect of Ferrari’s product appeal, the SF90 is capable of 25 km of pure electric driven range. Ferrari aims to have 60% of its product portfolio hybridized by 2022 and the SF90 is a very promising start.

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