Facelifted Tiguan only coming to SA in 2021

Vw Tiguan Sketch

Volkswagen’s mid-size SUV is set to launch overseas in the next quarter, however it will only land in SA in 2021.

The Tiguan has been a top-seller for the VW in recent years, in fact, it has sold so well that in 2019 it was the best-selling VW on the planet. That’s right, better than a Polo and better than a Golf. Most of the uptick in sales has been in China and the US where the SUV market has captured the imagination of buyers.

The current model has been on sale since 2016 and is due for its facelift this year. We have seen plenty of spy shots and test mules doing the rounds but during a Skype meeting with Hendrick Muth, marketing boss for the Tiguan, he mentioned that the design would be much more masculine and include a totally new front end. Muth also made mention of an expressive R-Line kit that would be available to buyers.

VW showed us the teaser image you see above, which shows the new lighting design at the front and the more masculine design. There are also camouflaged cars currently in the final phase of testing, which you can see here.

Into the nitty-gritty details of what’s likely to be new with the facelifted Tiguan. The engines will be updated, and particularly the diesel units have been improved to produce far less CO2 and NOx emissions using a technique called twin-dosing. The system uses two catalytic converters to make reduce NOx by up to 80%.

The updated Tiguan will also get the new 1.5-litre turbopetrol engine that is due on the new Golf and which we should see first on the T-Cross this year. Volkswagen SA hasn’t stated which models SA will get but expect a varied lineup that will be phased in over a year or two.

The interior connectivity is getting a full makeover with an entirely new infotainment system. MIB 3 (not the film) is the new media system VW first installed on the Passat and has a few neat tricks available to users. Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto is part of the system. It also has the ability to turn certain Samsung phones into vehicle keys, automatic accident notification and anti-theft alerts.

Tiguan Allspace updated too

Fans of the longer wheelbase Tiguan - the Allspace - will be pleased to know that it too will be updated with the same treatment as the regular Tiguan. It will be introduced after the standard car though.

As reported in previous articles, there will be a plug-in hybrid version of the Tiguan, capable of more than 50 km of pure electric driving. Whether this will make it to SA remains to be seen as it will no doubt be the most expensive Tiguan available. Volkswagen has already committed its future to electric vehicles and even the South African arm has been piloting an electric car project by handing over a few e-Golfs to certain publications.

Tiguan R confirmed

There is going to be a Tiguan R and it is likely to come very soon after the facelifted Tiguan is launched. VW was not very forthcoming with details other than to say that it will be particularly exciting. You can read about the current Tiguan R rumours here, and get a glimpse of what it might look like.

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