Every Type R On One Track: Honda Civic Type R Special [Video]

Over 5 generations and 6 models, the Honda Civic Type R has become a cult classic, building up a legion of hardcore enthusiasts who are simply obsessed with the iconic Japanese hot hatchback.

We’ve gathered every model ever made – even the 3 that were never sold in South Africa – for a special day out on the track. The aim of the day was to compare the older, naturally aspirated TypeRs with the more modern, turbocharged generations, and to work out which one we liked the most.

The cars featured in this video include:

Honda Civic Type R EK9 (the one that started it all)

Honda Civic Type R EP3 (the minivan)

Honda Civic Type R FD2 (the Asian territories-only four door sedan)

Honda Civic Type R FN2 (the one no one liked very much)

Honda Civic Type R FK2 (the first one to feature a turbocharged motor)

Honda Civic Type R FK8 (the one you'll find on showroom floors today)

Driving all of these cars back to back was a particularly special opportunity, and could not have happened without the help of the passionate owners of the cars and special thanks to #CarsAwards guest judge Ernest Page for pulling it all together. A huge thank you to everyone involved.

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