Countdown to Audi S4's arrival in South Africa (Video)

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Audi has already launched several A4 derivatives in SA. We've driven them at the launch and compared the 2.0TFSI with the much-loved BMW 320i, but when can we expect the 340i, Jaguar XE S and Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG-rivalling S4 model to arrive? 

It is coming

We expected the S4 to make its entrance this year, but Audi says that we will have to wait until November or December 2016. While we await the S4, the BMW 340i and the Jaguar XE S will be most potent (non-M, RS or AMG) mid-range sports sedans. And, by the time the S4 goes on sale Mercedes-Benz will have introduced a real rival to this melee: the C450 AMG. This all sets up a mouthwatering battle with the same rivals as usual, but in a different part of the performance market. 

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Newly developed V6

The V6 under the bonnet of the new S4 still measures 3.0-Litres and is boosted with a turbo-, not supercharger. Power output has risen to 260 kW and 500 Nm of torque. The engine is lighter than its predecessor and comes with a new eight-speed tiptronic transmission. The gearbox is highly efficient and when not driven in a sporty manner, switches to freewheeling in order to save fuel. Claimed consumption is 7.4 L/100 km.

Key figures for the S4 are a claimed 0-100 kph sprint time of 4.7 seconds and a limited top speed of 250 kph. As with all Audi S models, the S4 is fitted with quattro all-wheel drive, but a trick differential allows power to be transferred to the rear or front.

In standard driving mode, there is a 60:40 split in torque directed to the rear and front axles. Depending on driving conditions, as much as 70% can be sent to the front or 85% to the rear. Needless to say the ability to split torque dynamically results in a more precise handling balance.

Audi has emphasised the S4's restrained design, noting its subtle grille outline and matte grey tones on the bumpers and other aesthetic paraphernalia. In fact, the aluminium mirrors seem to be the most overt styling feature on the car. If you’re looking for a proper "sleeper" then this could be the perfect car for you.

No Allroad for SA

Audi SA also mentioned that the A4 Allroad will not make its way to SA. Its predecessor didn't sell particularly well and a weak exchange rate makes the model unviable.

Watch the Audi S4 trailer video:

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