Chinese XC40 Revealed


Lynk & Co's 05 is a Chinese version of a Volvo crossover. 

Geely sub-brand, Lynk & Co, has revealed its very ambitious cross-coupe.

The Chinese automotive giant has been clear with its intentions for the Lynk & Co 05, which has been designed, engineered and configured to compete with vehicles such as BMW’s X4.

Featuring a bold exterior design, the Lynk & Co 05 is supposed to be a serious Chinese rival to traditional German premium crossovers.

Some of the notable design details include a wraparound grille and bold colour detailing in the wheels and roofline.

Geely wishes to start retailing the Lynk & Co 05 in Europe and other traditional automotive markets by 2020, and to be successful, the Chinese company realises that it cannot rely purely on discount pricing. As such, the Lynk & Co 05’s cabin is assembled with quality materials and features all the infotainment and digital convenience you’d expect from a contemporary cross-coupe. Anchoring the cabin architecture’s digital offering is a 12.7-inch infotainment screen.

Providing the structure and mechanical engineering for Lynk & Co’s 05, is Volvo. The Swedish brand has been Chinese owned since 2010 and provides most of the technology for Lynk & Co’s 05.

This new Chinese cross-coupe rides on a CMA platform, effectively makes it an XC40 of sorts. Powertrains will be familiar to Volvo owners, with the Lynk & Co 05’s launching with a being a mild-hybrid 2-litre turbopetrol, which boosts 187 kW and 350 Nm. Geely will introduce a smaller 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo too.

Could X4 buyers potentially be swayed by a Chinese cross-coupe, with Volvo mechanicals? Pricing and delivered vehicle build quality will be crucial inputs affecting that outcome.

The Lynk & Co 05 will also be built in right-hand drive, which does give it a South African market application – if Geely is willing to return to SA.

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