Batteries to replace JCW's boost

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Mini has committed to electrifying its most potent model... That's right, the Mini JCW is going 'E' 

The BMW-owned and Oxford-based brand has confirmed that it is developing a battery-powered version of the JCW. For those followers of all things hot hatch, the JCW will be transitioning from petrol power to batteries.

Although dedicated fans of the JCW nameplate might wonder how much could possibly be lost, in this move from turbopetrol to battery power, there is no issue from Mini’s engineering team.

Mini’s technical staff has confirmed that it is in an advanced stage of development with the electric JCW and the benchmark is the current 2.0-litre petrol version.

From the prototype testing images, there are some notable design elements to notice. As with all JCWs, this electric version will have a huge rear wing that is fixed in its geometry. It also adds some interesting wheel-arch spoilers.

Although Mini has not detailed the battery chemistry, energy density or power grade for its electric JCW, it should produce 225 kW or a bit more.

The current Mini platform is not a dedicated EV architecture and that has meant significant compromises in terms of packaging, weight and range. Mini’s electrical engineers will be challenged to boost performance to levels that will be authentic to any battery-powered JCW’s badging and expectations.

Product planners at Mini realise that it would be in a difficult position to replace the current JWC with an electric version that makes less power, or offers slower performance.

One technical feature that is certain, applies to the car’s agility and mid-corner balance. With a T-shaped battery pack in the JCW prototype’s floorplan, it will have superior weight distribution to the petrol version.

With the battery-powered JCW having a much lower centre of gravity, it should be able to corner much flatter on challenging roads...

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