Wasabi Supra has Toyota Genuine Accessories

Toyota is celebrating its new Supra with a flood of custom builds.

To ensure a strong presence at the 2019 SEMA show, Toyota has no less than nine Supras on display. Featuring a range of custom upgrades and catalogue bits, these SEMA Supras give an inkling of where Toyota could evolve its sportscar in future.

One of the most striking of all these SEMA Supras, is a bright green version quite aptly called the Wasabi edition. Beyond its lurid hue, this is an interesting build, completed under the auspices of Toyota’s genuine accessories team.

The aim of Toyota’s Wasabi edition Supra is to evaluate customer reaction and develop new parts for future upgrades of the current car.

Distinguishing this Wasabi edition from a factory Supra is an enormous front splitter. Toyota’s genuine accessories team also added new side sills and around the rear, there is a flat wing spoiler.

Recognising that the rear view is one of Supra’s strongest angles, Toyota moulded a new fascia for the lower bumper section. This new bumper section allows centre exhaust exits, instead of routing to the sides.

Beyond the surface design upgrades, this Wasabi Supra also rides a set of custom 20-inch wheels, shod with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres. Hiding behind those wheels are significantly powerful brakes, from Italian supplier Brembo.

With 405 mm rotors up front, actuated by six-piston callipers, and 380 mm rotors at the rear, the Wasabi edition has tremendous decelerative capability.

Giving this Wasabi Supra enhanced dynamic driving ability is an adjustable coilover suspension kit from Swedish specialist, Öhlins. The valving on these upgraded dampers have dual-flow circuits, which means they can be set for both low- and high-speed compression, depending on cornering geometry of a specific route or racetrack.

Toyota has also managed to add a four-point tower brace to Wasabi edition Supra’s engine bay. Unlike traditional front-suspension tower braces, which simply connect the front struts, this Wasabi edition brace is trapezoidal in shape, giving it far superior structural strength.

One aspect fo the Wasabi edition Supra which has been left factory standard is its 3-litre engine, which boosts an unchanged 250 kW.

Of all the crazy kit on display with Toyota’s 2019 SEMA show cars, this Wasabi edition Supra’s upgrades are more likely to find their way into the Toyota genuine parts catalogue or options list, than any of the other concepts on display.

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