New Toyota Supra vs BMW M2 Competition - Hot Lap Shootout

The new Toyota Supra meets the BMW M2 Competition on a fresh winter's morning in Cape Town, South Africa. Which one is fastest around a circuit? Watch the video.

It is very tempting to make BMW vs BMW jokes here but we're going to behave ourselves because the reality is that this is an epic match-up. Both of these cars cost roughly a million Rand and of course, both are powered by turbocharged BMW straight-6 engines - not the same engines, however.

But that's about where the similarities end. While the Supra is outgunned here in terms of sheer power, offering 50kW and 50Nm less power and torque, it is lighter and lower-slung than the BMW. And according to our in-house race-ace Ashley, the addition of the outgoing M3 motor has made the M2 Competition pretty damn wild.

So, how will these cars fair on the Killarney Racetrack in Cape Town in a one-lap hot lap shootout? Well, you've come this far, probably time to watch the video now.

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