Volkswagen up! Video Review: What’s it like?


The maker of people’s cars has kept one of its best people cars away from the South African market for some time now. The reasons are not entirely obvious until you consider the Polo Vivo – the most popular passenger car in South Africa. Why would VW want to undercut their best seller?

Whatever the reason, the up! has arrived and it is the thoroughly modern small car that South Africa needs, as more and more people move into the cities. Small engines with low emissions and low fuel consumption make a lot of sense and the up! ticks all the boxes.

Even though its already three years old, the car feels fresh inside and out, and in my week with the car, it drew smiles from just about everyone in traffic. It's impressively solid, with a quality feel and ride that belies its size and segment.

However there are some downsides, in this age of connectivity, the up! can't be specced with a USB port and currently the Bluetooth device costs R3 177 extra, resting on your dashboard looking like a bit of an afterthought.

That aside, the car is surprisingly roomy and the boot has a clever false floor which can be lowered or removed for extra space.

And even though the car is incredibly light, it doesn’t seem bothered by crosswinds and sits happily at 130 kph on the highway.

At the end of the video, I was inspired by a certain Disney movie to see just how light the Volkswagen up! really is, with a unique test. You’ll just have to watch to find out if it worked.

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