Volkswagen Polo GTI Video Review (2018) | Bigger Engine, More Fun?

The new VW Polo GTI features a new engine and new chassis. Volkswagen has even made the claim that this new Polo GTI will be more fun to drive than a Golf GTI. We find out just how fun it is at Killarney Raceway.

Let’s get straight to the good news: the most important feature of the latest Polo GTI is the price tag. By building this model in Uitenhage, South Africa, Volkswagen will sell the latest generation Polo GTI for less than the version it replaces.

The list price has come down from R387 500 to R375 900, which is remarkable in and of itself and virtually unheard of in South African motoring.

We took the new 2018 Polo GTI to the Killarney racetrack to stretch its legs and find out if the detuned 2.0-litre motor borrowed from the Golf GTI, paired with the all-new chassis, provides the kind of drive you'd expect from the GTI nameplate.

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