Volkswagen Polo CitiVivo (2017) Specs & Pricing [with Video]

Volkswagen has introduced a limited edition Polo Vivo in South Africa that draws inspiration from the iconic CitiGolf. It's called the Polo CitiVivo and it's available in red, yellow and blue paint finishes. We have specs and pricing...

The now discontinued Volkswagen CitiGolf still tugs at the heartstrings of many South Africans, but despite its lack of airbags and ABS, for example, the model is sought after in the used car market. In 2010, the Polo Vivo became Volkswagen’s modern entry-level offering and much like the CitiGolf it replaced, the Vivo has topped the sales charts locally ever since. 377 000 Citi Golfs found their way to homes in South Africa. In comparison, almost 230 000 Vivos have been sold.

Volkswagen is now offering a special edition Polo Citi Vivo in South Africa, which draws inspiration from the original CitiGolf, which debuted in 1984 replete with a carburettor-fed 1.3-litre engine, white striping (and painted wheels), 4 doors and windows.

"There is no better way to celebrate the success of the Polo Vivo as the best-selling passenger car in South Africa than to pay homage to its iconic predecessor, Citi Golf. The three colours of Red, Yellow and Blue are synonymous with the classic Citi Golf and it was fitting for us to use them as the only colours for CitiVivo. CitiVivo is a special edition with about 2 000 units planned," said Stefan Mecha, Director: Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen Group South Africa.

Key details

The Polo CitiVivo is available in classic CitiGolf exterior colours, including: Flash Red, Sunflower Yellow and Cornflower Blue. Many may remember the "Red, Yellow, Blue (not Green)" CitiGolf TV ad campaigns (featuring DJ Alex Jay) from the 1980s.

The CitiVivo is loosely based on the 1.4i Conceptline derivative. In addition to this trim level of specification, the CitiVivo gains 15-inch white alloy wheels, white mirrors, door and boot handles in white, as well as Citi decals.

The interior benefits from Silver-Blue-Orange-Gray trim and the CitiVivo comes equipped with air conditioning, radio, USB, SD card slot and Bluetooth functionality. According to a source, the following features are optional: metallic paint (R950), cruise control (R1 350), smokers package (R250), alarm/immobiliser (R 1 100), electric windows - front (R1 250) and front fog lights (R1 400). 

The Polo CitiVivo is powered by a 1.4-litre petrol engine that delivers 55 kW and 132 Nm of torque with the front wheels driven using a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Volkswagen Polo CitiVivo – Price in SA

This derivative costs R177 300, which includes a 3-year/120 000 km warranty and service intervals of 15 000 km. As with other Polo Vivos, a service/maintenance plan is optional. 

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