Volkswagen Amarok-based SUV Coming?



Reports are suggesting that Volkswagen will be expanding on its SUV offering with the introduction of an Amarok-based SUV.

The aged speculation around an Amarok-based SUV seems to be coming to a head as reports are suggesting that Volkswagen is seriously considering launching just such a product to take on the likes of the popular Toyota Fortuner and Ford Everest.

Carlos Santos, VAG’s Commercial Vehicles director was quoted as saying, “There is some very serious development happening at the moment for an SUV based on Amarok, which will be quite a large passenger vehicle. It’s not confirmed yet but it’s been going on since the start of Amarok.”

If the Volkswagen Amarok SUV gets the green light, it will seat up to seven passengers and will in all likelihood be powered by the 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel engine that’s expected to be introduced in the facelifted Amarok, which is due for local launch in 2017. The engine can be had in three states of tune, 120 kW, 150 kW and 165 kW with 551 Nm of torque, with the highest power output making the most sense in an SUV application.

The Amarok-based SUV will probably borrow styling cues from the new Tiguan (due in SA later this year). Further details are scarce at this point but if any new information regarding the Amarok SUV are revealed, you will know about it right here on

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