Subaru SA adds 5 new features to Outback/Legacy


Subaru has introduced some new technological features to its Outback and Legacy models. The new safety features are offered as standard and are available on 2016 new models.

1. Rear-cross traffic alert 

Reversing out of a parking space is made less stressful when the car can detect if there’s another vehicle approaching in its path. The system alerts the driver by a flashing warning light in the mirror first. If the car senses that an impact is imminent/likely, it will sound a warning to the driver so that they can take avoiding action.

2. Blind spot detection with lane change assist 

Effectively works like a set of eyes in the back of your head. When you want to change lanes on the freeway, the system will warn you if there is another vehicle positioned in your blind spot when you activate the indicator (turn signal).

3. High-beam assist 

It allows the driver to set the vehicle's lights on high beam (brights) and forget about it. By utilising readings from an onboard light sensor, the system will automatically dip the main headlights for oncoming cars as well as for cars in front of you.

4. Automatic anti-dazzle mirror 

There is an electrochromic filament in your vehicle's rear-view mirror that reduces the glare created by bright lights of vehicles travelling behind you at night.

5. Emergency stop signal 

Under hard and sudden braking the hazard lights will flash in order to warn drivers in your vehicle's wake that your vehicle is decelerating rapidly and (hopefully) prevent a rear end collision from happening.

2016 Subaru Outback prices

2.5i-S Lineartronic CVT                   R519 000

3.6R-S Lineartronic CVT                  R579 000

2016 Subaru Legacy prices

Legacy 3.6 R-S CVT                         R569 000

All of these cars are offered with Subaru's 3-year/75 000 km maintenance plan and 3-year/100 000 km warranty.