Subaru-powered Speedhunters Beetle - Launch Control Ep3

In Episode 3 of our Launch Control series, Adonis Verkuil, a big Volkswagen Beetle fan, shows us his Subaru-powered Super Beetle.

VW enthusiast Adonis has spent a decade building his dream drag-racing Super Beetle. Having already owned a 1965 Beetle previously, he decided he wanted to build a faster version, after being inspired by an image of a Speed Hunters-themed Volksie. Following the advice from various builders, he decided to buy a Super Beetle to modify as it had a better chassis to handle the extra power. Adonis then opted to transplant a turbocharged Subaru EJ20 engine into his beetle - not an easy operation at all, but we're sure you'll like the end result!

Video and Edit by Duwyne Aspeling

Here’s a mod list supplied by Adonis:

Subaru EJ20 2L turbocharged engine

VW Kombi gearbox

T3/T4 turbo

External wastegate

Custom fuel rails

1000cc injectors

Ported intake and exhaust

BMW disc brakes up front

VW disc brakes at the rear

Drift handbrake

Racing seats

Full roll cage

15 inch BBS mag wheels 9j in front and 10J at the rear

Bridgestone Potenza semi slicks 

Lexan windows with air duckting to intercooler

Big drag rear wing

VW Transporter steering rack

Polyurethane bushings

Custom built coilovers and springs

E85 ethanol fuel mix

Aluminium drag racing fuel cell

LED engine bay lighting

Blow off valve

Matrix boost controller

HID projector headlights

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