Nissan S14 200 SX Rocket Bunny "Boss" Drift Build - Launch Control Ep2

In Episode 2 of our Launch Control series, Matthew Benas from Smoke’m garage, based in Cape Town, shows us his very special Nissan S14 drift car.

Filming this episode turned into a proper adventure as we picked up the story just as Matthew had flown Danny Cross, a professional drifter from the UK, out to South Africa to enter the S14 into the Drift City competition, held on Heritage Day at the Grand Parade right in the centre of Cape Town.

This video turned into a story about more than just drifting car culture, this became a narrative about the highs and lows of building and racing a drift car.

A bit about the car:

The Nissan S14 was sold in limited numbers in South Africa, as well as the S13 which we know as the Nissan 200sx. Drifters in Japan started modifying their S13’s and thus starting a S chassis car culture which has spread to the rest of the world. A popular mod on these cars is the Rocket Bunny “Boss” kits which transform the looks of these cars with its wide arches and muscle car front end. The “S” is derived from Nissan’s small rear-wheel-drive models in Japan known as the Sylvia. Nissan’s S chassis has become famous in the drifting scene as it is affordable, rear-wheel-drive, lightweight and its SR20 2L turbo motor is highly tunable with bolt on mods.

Here’s a mod list supplied by Matthew:

Greddy air intake

Webbfab Roll cage

Amercian Racing VN507 custom wheels

Nankang NS2 semi slick 225/17 front tyres

Nankang NS2 semi slick 255/17 rear tyres

Fully adjustable BC coilover suspension

Straight pipe exhaust

Rocket Bunny “Boss” body kit

Water/methanol injection system

G&A bucket seats

G&A harnesses

Special Smoke’m Garage design e-brake lever


Everything you see in this video was created by’s Duwyne Aspeling. Literally, he shot it, edited, colour graded it and even created the Launch Control graphic intro. He is basically a wizard.