Spy Shots: Next BMW X3 [with Video]

BMW X3 Mule2

We have pictures of the next-generation BMW X3 undergoing testing in the harsh winter conditions of Northern Sweden.

Spy shots are usually sent to us by a team of dedicated car snappers whose job it is to tail (and take images of) camouflaged pre-production units. A less common practice is for manufacturers to send spy shots to the media, however. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, the images and product information are generally of high quality. 

In this case, we're getting a decent look at the next-generation BMW X3 SUV. The X3 was undergoing testing in the extreme cold of Northern Sweden. The purpose of testing in sub-zero conditions is two-fold: manufacturers have to make sure their products perform to expectations in extreme temperatures, and secondly, the suspension, traction control and handling can be fine-tuned on the loose and slippery surfaces. 

BMW describes it as "the engineers are in a position to sense the vehicle’s dynamic behaviour much more accurately and synchronise the control of driver assistant systems such as dynamic stability control (DSC) or dynamic traction control (DTC) even more precisely and to attune it to the vehicle as a whole. It is this painstaking development work that later provides the customer with a competently tuned chassis for that typical BMW driving pleasure." 

The new BMW X3 will go on sale globally in 2018 and if BMW specialist websites are to believed (they're usually either close to the mark or spot on), we'll see the following models launched:  sDrive30i, xDrive30i, xDrive30e, xDrive30d and a performance xDrive M40i.

Watch this space! The new BMW X3 will be assembled at BMW's plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria as well as at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina, USA. 

BMW X3 winter testing video:

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