Production of the BMW i8 will be coming to an end and we look back at how groundbreaking and revolutionary the plug-in hybrid sports car was.

When it was revealed back in 2015, the BMW i8 stunned the car community. Here was a visually striking sportscar that looked like a concept freshly revealed off a European motor show floor. Now 6 years after its launch, BMW has confirmed the i8 product life cycle is coming to an end. It sold more than 20 000 units and BMW claims more sold than all competitors in its segment combined. 

It brought a number of interesting technologies to market, like the laser headlights, the carbon fibre tub as well its unique 1.5-litre turbo-petrol 3-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor punching out 275 kW. The 113 kW per litre displacement was a new record for BMW series models when it came to high specific power output. Let's not forget how the use of sustainable and recycled materials in the cabin changed how we made car interiors, while 3D printing was used for the first time to make components for the Roadster.

Not only did it look good (the Roadster even more so) but it also drove well, with handling being one of its stand-out traits thanks to its lightweight construction as well as low centre of gravity. We won't forget that electric e-boost acceleration either. Do you think the BMW i8 will become a collector's item? There are some really nice looking examples currently on our site... 

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