Renault Symbioz wants to park in your living room

Symbioz 003

Forget about garages: Renault is working with architects on its new Symbioz concept with the idea that the vehicle can actually be driven into a home.

The thinking is that the vehicle can be driven into the house to become an additional, modular room in the form of a useful, mobile and connected space, parking inside or outside of the physical structure.

Introduced at the Frankfurt motor show, the Symbioz project spans dynamic scenarios where the car is put to use in different places within and around the home and while travelling.

Cars are becoming interactive and personalised spaces that connect passengers to other cars, people and objects around them, and the Symbioz is a major part of Renault’s effort to be a part of a motoring evolution in which efficient energy use, smart connectivity and autonomous driving is changing the way we live and travel.

The Symbioz concept is powered by all-electric motors, and allows for house and car to share energy, similar to what Nissan and Honda are exploring with Leaf and Urban respectively. Kilowatt-hours are distributed through a smart grid shared by the car and the home in an artificial intelligence environment that anticipates people's needs.

For example, it's possible to programme the system to use the power stored in the car batteries temporarily for the lights, screens and home appliances during peak times. If there is a blackout, this happens automatically and power sharing can be monitored and adjusted.

An electric, autonomous and connected demo vehicle that makes real many of the elements of Symbioz will be available for testing later this year. This demo vehicle will preview technology Renault customers may find in its production car range in the near future.

The Symbioz project involves technology and creative industry leaders in an Open Innovation approach:

  • LG is involved in the development of the human-machine interfaces.

  • Ubisoft is providing on board virtual reality experience for autonomous driving mode.

  • Devialet is developing a new user experience through advanced sound system.

  • Sanef is working on the way the car communicates with road network infrastructure.

  • TomTom is contributing its geo-positioning expertise.

  • IAV is providing autonomous driving engineering expertise

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