Nissan and Eskom enter into 3-year electric vehicle research project

2013 Nissan Leaf Fd Main

The fledging electric car market is yet to see success in South Africa, as electric cars are still being made in limited numbers and delivered to very specific test markets. However, Nissan South Africa have announced they’re entering into a unique three-year research project with Eskom that will include testing the Nissan Leaf which is due to launch in South Africa later this year.

Nissan explores electric future in South Africa

This project follows a pilot programme to promote public awareness with the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and the technology Innovation Agency (TIA) with a view to creating a commercially viable infrastructure for the use of electric vehicles.

“Eskom has been doing EV research for several years with the intention of understanding the impact of EVs on our grid, and we also want to understand usage patterns and charging characteristics of the cars themselves in order to design grid solutions and tariffs for e-mobility,” Barry MacColl, Eskom’s General Manager for research testing and development.

MacColl also added that while South Africa uses fossil-based fuels for many of its energy processes, a new approach is in the sights of all concerned. E-mobility is a way of moving people around in a more effective and cleaner fashion which is critical for the economy. Eskom is intent upon finding technology options suitable for implementation within the energy body.

Since its introduction in 2010, Nissan has sold 60 000 Leaf vehicles worldwide, with the car available in Japan, the US and Europe.