Nissan Restarts R32 Skyline Engine Production

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Godzilla returns with official 2019 parts catalogue. 

In an announcement which is sure to carry great favour with Japanese performance car enthusiasts, Nissan has confirmed reproduction plans for one of its most legendary engines.

Since last year the company has been providing official support to owners of R33 and R34 Skyline GT-Rs, and that programme has now been extended to include the original R32 model too.

The catalogue of parts Nissan has committed to supplying include bodywork and engine components. Nissan has restarted production of original RB26 specification engine blocks, heads, wiring harnesses and fuel pump assemblies – all crucial bits to ensure that an original GT-R keeps running in appropriate order.

Pricing for an official reproduction R32 engine block is set at R22 400 and for the matching cylinder head, it’s R25 000. For Japanese sportscar devotees who become anxious at the thought of replacing crucial engine components, the news of an official Nissan parts supply chain being restarted for the R32 is splendid news.

Nissan’s commitment to supporting owners of all three its previous-generations of Skyline GT-R follows on from a recent global trend of vehicle manufacturers supporting individuals who run vehicles which are symbolic to the history and achievement of said automotive brand. With tooling for these continuation parts fully amortized in cost and paid for, it’s also a tidy little profit stream, involving minimal risk or complexity.

Nissan’s production of original R32 parts totals 15 components, ranging from wiper motors to bumpers. For R33 its supplies a basket of eight reproduction parts and R34’s reproduction catalogue is seven components strong.

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