New GWM P-Series LT 4x4 vs Ford Ranger XL Sport - In-Depth Review and Buying Advice

Very rarely has a car caused as much of a stir as this. The new GWM P-Series bakkie, which is known as the GWM POER in other markets and the GWM Cannon in Australia, has arrived on our shores and seems eager to upset the status quo in South Africa's bakkie market.

In this video, we take the top-of-the-range P-Series double cab 2.0 LT 4x4 out onto the Atlantis dunes outside Cape Town, and we're joined by the similarly-priced Ford Ranger XL Sport 4x4. While these bakkies are not necessarily rivals, the fact that they are similarly priced illuminates what good value the P-Series represents.

We wanted to go in-depth with this review and so it is a lengthy one, where we take a good look at the interiors of both bakkies, the features and tech on offer, the load bed size, general ride and comfort on and off-road, and of course pricing and warranties.

Watch the video for insight but also have a look at our thorough written review of the GWM P-Series... Click here to read the full review.

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