More Range Gains for Tesla


Tesla Model Y is crazy light on energy 

Tesla has managed to make its Model Y SUV the world’s most efficient SUV.

Although most would expect the smaller Model 3 to be Tesla’s running cost and range champion, the American electric car brand announced some very interesting numbers this week.

The Model Y is due to launch next month and for fans of the Tesla brand, this crossover version of the Model 3 platform is a rather big deal.

Engineers are rumoured to have made significant improvements to its body structure and build quality, which could, in theory, mean that the Model Y is lighter than Model 3.

That could be one of the facts supporting Tesla’s amazing economy and range claims, for the Model Y. Measured on the MPGe equivalence formula, which created a liquid fuel consumption number for electric energy vehicles, the Model Y is incredibly light on resources.

Tesla says that by applying the official EPA vehicle economy standards, its Model Y runs at the equivalent of 1.95L/100 km. That makes it’s the least energy-demanding SUV in the world.

Not only is Model Y extremely light on electricity but it can also go further than rival battery vehicles. Tesla claims a range of 507 km for the Model Y which is beyond the psychological 500 km threshold.

With the global automotive market showing no slowing in demand for crossovers, Tesla’s Model Y is exactly the right product, at the right time.

It is worth mentioning that although the Model Y’s 507 km range is deeply impressive, its MPGe-equivalent consumption only cleared a very slim margin of victory.

Hyundai's Kona electric registers a metric MPGe number of 1.96L/100 km. It runs the Model Y desperately close, although the Tesla has a better range (507km versus 415km), stronger performance and superior interior architecture with more space.

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