McLaren goes on product offensive

Mac Senna

McLaren has announced that it will be launching 18 new models and derivatives, between now and 2025. Here's what some of those cars are...

British supercar manufacturer has launched Track25, a £1.2bn (R21 billion) business plan which aims to have 18 new cars hit the road by 2025. Some of these are new models while existing products will see their portfolios expanded. The announcement came at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed and the additional cars will lift production by 75% to almost 6 000 cars a year. Not bad for a hand-built supercar operation in Woking, United Kingdom.

What's Coming?

While we don't have all the details as to what new cars are coming, McLaren did say that there will be a successor to revolutionary P1. McLaren also claims that its sportscar and supercar range will be 100% hybrid by 2025. Electrification is a key strategy for many brands and McLaren will be investing big money into a lighter, superfast-charging high power battery system which McLaren claims will give its products over 30 minutes of electric range around a race track. There's also a massive focus on saving weight and McLaren will soon be opening its McLaren Composites Technology Centre (MCTC) which deals purely with lightweight materials.

McLaren will also be taking a leaf out of Tesla's book and offering over-the-air updates, which means that cars will not have to come into dealerships for quick software updates. Speaking of dealerships, McLaren is looking at expanding its current operations and will be venturing into Russia, India and Eastern Europe. Currently, there are 86 dealers around the world and part of Track25 is to increase this to 100.

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