Mazda Announces BT-50 Boss Edition


Mazda applies direct bakkie marketing logic, Down Under.

A special edition version of the Ford Ranger’s twin has been revealed for right-hand drive bakkie customers.

Mazda has announced a new range-topping version of its BT-50 double-cab, called rather unambiguously: the Boss.

Only available in four-wheel drive, and powered by Ford’s large 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbodiesel engine, the BT-50 Boss is exclusively finished in white pearl mica paint.

Contrasting its snowflake surface colour are a range of black styling details, including darkened 17-inch wheels, grille, door handles, running boards, roll-hoop and wing mirrors.

Inside the BT-50 Boss, Mazda’s most significant upgrade to its double-cab bakkie is an Alpine sound system comprising eight carbon fibre reinforced speakers, which include tweeters mounted inside the cabin’s A-pillars. With an infotainment system that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, your Smartphone playlist will now come to its all its glory, inside a BT-50 Boss.

Why has Mazda started marketing the BT-50 in Australia? Well, the bakkie is getting on in age and Mazda is wary of allowing sales momentum to stall. The current Mazda BT-50 has been on sale since 2011, and although it debuted as a Ford Ranger T6-series twin, it has not similarly benefitted from recent upgrades to the American brand’s mid-sized bakkie.

The last facelift it had was back in 2017 - read about that here

Mazda’s double-cab future is no longer in partnership with Ford, but instead with fellow Japanese brand, Isuzu. The two manufacturers will cooperate on a next-generation BT-50, with Mazda’s bakkie effectively becoming a twin (again) of the D-Max, by 2021.