Lexus Shows Deadly Reality of Distracted Driving (Video)

Lexus has released, “Driving Disrupted”, a video that highlights just how dangerous distracted driving is. Check it out! 

Distracted driving remains a major problem on our roads and smartphones are one of the worst distractions for drivers. 

If you think that distracted driving is a myth, just open your eyes and count how many drivers you see driving while engaging on a smartphone. The results are likely to surprise and disgust you! 

How long does it take you to glance at a text message on your phone? The misconception is that this act is only a temporary distraction that lasts a mere second or two. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the average ‘real time’ it takes to send or receive a text message is 4.6 seconds. The distraction is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field at 90 kph with your eyes closed. Think about that for a second…

To demonstrate the severity of distracted driving, Lexus has released its “Driving Disrupted” video to highlight how dangerous being distracted can be in the real world. 

Participants were coaxed into thinking they were taking a Lexus NX for a test drive when, in fact, they were driving a specially modified vehicle called the NX 4.6. This NX is equipped with electrochromic technology that turns the windscreen from transparent to opaque instantaneously, essentially blinding the driver’s vision for exactly 4.6 seconds. The results are both fascinating and scary. Watch the video below to see how it works!

“Lexus wants to bring awareness to safety behind the wheel by changing perceptions about texting and driving,” said Vinay Shahani, vice president of Lexus marketing. “Even the most advanced safety systems on the road today can’t replace the undivided attention of the driver.”

We urge South African motorists to avoid distracted driving and to refrain from using a smartphone while driving. Your life and the lives of others depend on it… If your vehicle has Android Auto or Apple CarPlay hands-free connectivity, we urge you to use it.

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