Land Rover Makes Towing Simpler (Video)

Land Rover 1

Land Rover introduces See-Through Trailer for simple trailer towing...

Anyone who has had to tow a huge trailer or try and reverse a trailer can vouch for what a stressful encounter it can turn into. Land Rover has taken it upon itself to make it just that little bit easier with what they are calling 'See-Through Trailer'.

Land Rover’s idea incorporates a wireless camera system that makes your trailer appear transparent whilst towing. This allows the driver full view of what’s behind or if there is anything in the blind-spot without having to install those stupid mirrors that fit onto your existing side mirrors. The prototype 'Transparent Trailer' system combines the video feed from the vehicle's existing surround camera system - which includes the reversing camera and a camera on each wing mirror - with a video from a digital wireless camera that is placed on the rear of the trailer or caravan. The video feeds are then combined to create the live video images that make the trailer behind appear see-through. When the trailer is coupled to the towing car, the live video feed would automatically appear in the rear view mirror inside the vehicle.

It doesn’t end there as the Land Rover system also makes reversing a trailer much, much easier. When reversing, the driver would also be able to view the camera feed from the back of the caravan or trailer through the infotainment screen, with guidance lines calibrated to help reverse both car and trailer.

Horse Distress System

Cargo Sense is a monitoring system designed to optimise cargo loading for safer towing. The prototype system combines a remote video camera inside the trailer and a mat of pressure sensors on the floor, that both link wirelessly to the towing vehicle.

As well as helping customers load cargo evenly and uniformly, the pressure sensitive mat would detect if your load of boxes, antique furniture, a classic car or even a valuable horse is moving around the trailer in an unexpected or abnormal way whilst travelling.

The system sends a 'Check Cargo' warning to the dashboard to alert the driver to an issue with the cargo, or a horse, before it becomes serious. Live video footage from the camera inside the trailer could then be made available through the infotainment screen in the vehicle.  A passenger would be able to view the footage whilst the vehicle is in motion. Alternatively, the driver could view the video while stationary to assess the situation in the trailer from the safety of the driver's seat.

Land Rover Towing System Video