Kia Stinger Review: Sideways in Kia's rear-wheel-drive Saloon

A performance Kia sounds like a contradiction, but with the Stinger it appears that the Korean brand has nailed the brief completely. Watch Ciro de Siena experience the new Kia Stinger.

By definition, a halo car exists to bring positivity, excitement and awareness to a brand. Usually, a brand's halo car is a fire-breathing sportscar and occasionally its a fancy-pants SUV. It is very rarely a sedan. Either way, the car should, at least in part, make the driver feel like a hero.

But if the Kia Stinger isn't a halo car, we're not sure what is. For a brand that is, at least in a South African context, widely associated with budget-beating hatchbacks, on our roads, the Stinger might as well be from another planet. And thanks to a potent V6, rear wheel drive and dramatic good looks, it's garnered critical praise from petrolheads, too.

And so, without further ado, we present to you our Kia Stinger video review. In this film, Ciro De Siena first takes the Kia to the iconic Franschhoek Pass but decides he needs a safer space to really test the car. And so we end off at a secret test track in the Cape, to work out if this halo car can make Ciro feel like a hero. Which is actually quite a solid rhyme.