Is Volkswagen building a Tiguan R? [with Video]

VW Tiguan R

Rumours are rife suggesting that German car maker Volkswagen is building a flagship Tiguan R derivative, powered by the same 2.5-litre 5 cylinder engine found in the Audi RS3. Watch the video below and tell us what you think...

Currently, Volkswagen SA offers an assortment of Tiguan models in its portfolio, ranging from a lowly 1.4 TSI manual front-wheel drive going all the way up to a 2.0-litre GTI-engine all-wheel drive model. There's something for everyone, or so we thought. The video below suggests that the Wolfsburg-based firm is planning an even faster performance Tiguan. Spotted undergoing testing on the Nurburgring was what appeared to be a standard Volkswagen Tiguan, but the big oval exhausts and the accompanying soundtrack suggest something else.

Those who can recognise engine sounds will easily pick up the distinct five-cylinder note which leads many to believe that the engine from an Audi RS3/TT-RS has been transplanted into the family SUV. Currently those Audi products boast outputs of 294 kW and 480 Nm, but in reality, the engine will be detuned to avoid stepping on any toes. We'll keep you posted and let you know if the Volkswagen Tiguan R becomes a reality, or if this is actually the next-generation Audi RS Q3.

Watch the Volkswagen Tiguan R Testing

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