Is this the new Hyundai H1?


Photos of the next generation Hyundai H1 bus have emerged on the Internet, thanks to a Dutch website. Check out what we know so far.

The Hyundai H1 has proven popular in our market thanks to its versatility. It was available in numerous flavours: a passenger bus, a commercial van and a blend of the two, with the Multicab. It has also been a winner with the ride-sharing application Uber, who use it for UberXL. The Hyundai H1 has been around for some time now and is overdue for an update. 

Thanks to Dutch website, pictures of what looks like a substantially revised Hyundai H1, or as its called overseas, the Grand Starex, have emerged. The big changes are visually at the front and the design language used brings it more in line with the rest of Hyundai's portfolio. Claims that it will be available in nine, eleven and twelve-seater application have yet to be verified, but it's certain it'll still be the practical champion that we've come to know and love. Under the hood, the engine is expected to remain unchanged. From the driver's seat, you can see the instrument cluster and entire dashboard have been overhauled in favour of a more modern look. 

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