Honda redlines its Civic Type-R

Like red? You'll love this. 

The Honda Civic Type R is not subtle. Or slow.

For those who doubt the ability of Honda to remain true to its performance car roots, the Civic Type R has always been a beacon of hope.

The Japanese company has now revealed some new upgrades for the 2021 model year Civic Type R, delivered by its Honda Access sub-brand, which is something of the new Mugen.

Most of the new bits available for Honda’s Civic Type R are carbon-fibre in nature, as one would expect. Buyers can opt for a bonnet scoop and rear wing, crafted from carbon-fibre. But it isn’t just any carbon-fire.

Honda has sourced a red-weave composite for its bonnet scoop and wing upgrades, which delivers a scarlet shimmer in direct sunlight. This is made possible by the presence of red polyester threaded into the composite’s top layer.

Red is very much the styling theme upgrade with these Honda Access parts. The colour has always been synonymous with Honda’s Type R vehicles and owners of the latest generation can now add red garnish to the front grille and top half of their vehicle’s wing mirrors.

Inside the red theme continues with Honda Access applying the colour as inserts to the steering wheel. The six-speed manual shifter is also topped-off with red.

Technically the most notable update is one that concerns convenience, instead of performance, with the Civic Type R now finally gaining a front camera and rear parking sensors.

Astute followers of all things Type R will notice the Honda Access 10-spoke wheel option. These white wheels not only look great, but they are lighter than the standard Type R alloys too.

Honda sourced the new white wheels from a supplier that forged them from aviation-grade aluminium. Using advanced construction techniques have made these wheels strong enough to deliver all the cornering thrills one would wish for in a Type R, but also reduce their weight.

With the new wheels, Honda has managed to reduce unsprung weight by 2.1kg per wheel corner, marginally improving the car’s agility.

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