Ford SA Approves Performance Upgrades for Mustang


You can now get a warranty-friendly power upgrade for the Ford Mustang in SA thanks to Ford Performance and Roush.

The biggest worry with tuning your car is the warranty void tag that comes with vehicle enhancements, Ford however, has put that worry at ease by covering performance upgrades to its Mustang.

An upgraded Mustang  with Ford Performance Parts or Roush Performance fitments is covered by comprehensive 3-year/60 000 km powertrain warranty which, will cover the performance upgrades, while the remainder of the Ford new vehicle warranty will not be voided.

Ford Performance has already made performance upgrades for Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Ranger and Everest.

Roush is authorised to distribute 3 levels of upgrades for the Mustang. Level 1 includes cold air induction and an exhaust system. Level 2 includes Level 1 plus some cosmetic enhancements as well as an ECU upgrade. Level 3 further adds the fitment of a Roush supercharger and revised suspension. So far the highest reading achieved on the facility’s dynamometer for a Level 3 Mustang is 514 kW.

Currently, Centurion is the only dealership able to ally these modifications but there is a plan to increase the network of approved dealers across the country. Ford Performance also hopes to have details on the performance upgrades for the Everest and Ranger soon.

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