Ford AT44 is a Fat Tyre F-150

Arctic Trucks Ford F 150 Teaser

AT44 Ford F-150 is finally happening!

Arctic Trucks are globally celebrated for building some of the best off-road vehicles you can buy.

When that Hilux or Land Cruiser need some additional traction and floatation over sandy or snowy terrain, Arctic Trucks are the people who can make a plan. And that plan is usually fitting the largest possible tyres, by completely modifying factory wheel arch specifications and suspension set-ups. The company has also collaborated with Isuzu when it produced the D-Max AT 35.

Strangely, Arctic Trucks has never applied its skills to the world’s most popular vehicle (and bakkie). Ford’s F-150 has always orbited beyond the reach of the Icelandic company’s influence. But not anymore.

There is finally an Arctic Trucks version of the Ford F-150. As with most other Arctic Trucks, it rolls enormous tyres, has massively increased obstacle clearance ability and looks very imposing.

Although there is no set naming convention for this F-150, it is safe to speculate that it will have the ‘AT44’ badge, like most other Arctic Trucks vehicles. That naming convention denotes the size of its tyres, which are 44-inch Nokians, featuring the Finnish brand’s Polar Expedition tread compound.

To accommodate such high-volume tyres, Arctic Trucks have completely reshaped the F-150’s wheel arches with custom fenders. A custom suspension set-up for the F-150 AT44 is still being prototyped but is sure to make this bakkie unstoppable off-road.

The Arctic Trucks F-150 AT44 prototype is powered by Ford’s 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6, boosting 272 kW and 475 Nm. With the added rolling resistance and rotational mass increase of those 44-inch tyres, there is little doubt that Arctic Trucks will also be working on an engine upgrade, for its F-150 AT44.

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