Five Times Carmakers Over-customised Cars for Hobbies

LR Discovery JamieOliver

Carmakers try their hardest to produce vehicles to suit customer's lifestyles. Sometimes they go above and beyond and cater for very specific hobbies. Here are 5 instances where manufacturers went overboard.

Cars come in all shapes and sizes, to suit various needs and roles. If you're wanting to carry 7 people plus luggage to the airport on a daily basis, then there's a shuttle bus for that. If you're a single person doing small distances to work and back, there's a compact car for you. If you need to tow things and go offroading, then guaranteed there's a large SUV or double-cab bakkie that will fulfil that need. What we're saying is that cars are engineered to suit people's lifestyle and generalisations are applied.

However, there are times where cars have been created or modified to suit very exact needs, or rather should we say built for a very specific demographic. Granted, some of these are one-offs and concepts, while others are priced beyond the realm of reason, but it's impressive and incredible to see what can be done. 

Jamie Oliver's Land Rover Discovery Kitchen

Chef Jamie Oliver teamed up with Land Rover to create a kitchen on wheels. Based on a current generation Land Rover Discovery 5, this unique creation features a pull-out preparation table, toaster, slow-cooker, ice cream maker, olive oil dispenser and even a rotisserie skewer. 

Skoda Karoq Velo

Skoda is a Czech vehicle brand owned by the Volkswagen Group and it has a record of supporting major cycling events and teams. It has made a cyclist's dream vehicle, based on the Karoq compact SUV. Inside, there's a toolbox, drinks cooler, high-pressure hose, washing machine and a work station to service your bike.

Range Rover by Holland & Holland

For those wanting the ultimate in luxury and comfort, even beyond what Range Rover can offer, look no further than Holland & Holland. The company has created a version of the Range Rover for hunters. Not only has the interior been overhauled and given a seriously luxury upgrade, but it also features gun racks and storage for hunting rifles. 

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs

Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a car for dog owners. Based on the Nissan X-Trail, the X-Trail 4Dogs edition features a modified boot area complete with access ramp, snack dispenser, 360-degree pull out shower, hairdryer, doggy bed, and clipping points for a safety harness. The boot is upholstered in premium wipe-clean leather so any stray dirt or pet hair can easily be cleaned or removed.

Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner

This is an interesting tie in, as we reckon that owners of Bentaygas are hardly likely to take their prized SUVs offroad. However, Bentley feels there's an opportunity to appeal to the fly-fishing community and turned to its coachbuilding arm, Mulliner. The Bentayga's boot has been modified into one gorgeously trimmed fly-tying workstation and storage area.