Ferrari Plans To Launch New Model Every Year

Ferrari California As 04

Ferrari has revealed plans about their future product line-up, and launching a new model each year with the hope of increasing value in sales.

As part of their five year plan, Ferrari will launch a "full line" of high-performance models with V8 and V12 engines, with each new model each having a four-year lifecycle.

Each model will then be followed by updated and refined "M versions," which will carry on for another four years. Besides the standard models, Ferrari will occasionally offer a "special series" that targets "high-end individuals." The transition from the California to the Califonia T is the latest example of this mid-cycle refresh the company calls “modificato.”

The company further announced that it plans to keep production limited at 7000 units annually, to "preserve the brand's uniqueness," however, that number might increase to 10 000 units as the number of high net-worth individuals grows, especially in developing markets.