Ferrari LaFerrari Spider revealed

Ferrari LaFerrari1

How does the idea of a 700 kW convertible grab you? Ferrari has turned its hypercar into a convertible and sold every one of them.

These are the first images that have been released of Ferrari's ultimate convertible creation. Official details and specifications will be revealed at the Paris Show later this year.

Creating the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider seems to have been quite a difficult task. The convertible roof has to be removed from the car manually and doesn’t fold away like most droptops. Apparently, this is due to the compact design of the hypercar and snug fit of the V12 engine. The removable roof is available as a carbon-fibre hard- or soft top piece.

Particular attention was paid to maintaining the Spider's torsional rigidity... Ferrari claims that it maintains the same level of rigidity as the Coupe and, courtesy of a few aerodynamic modifications, it has the same drag coefficient as well.

The 6.3-litre V12 engine and battery pack perform deliver a total of 708 kW. Ferrari hasn’t said how many it is going to build, but already confirmed that they are all sold out.

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