Europe to SA in a Porsche Cayenne? 

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A South African couple in Austria is planning on returning home by driving their modified Porsche Cayenne to South Africa. 

If you can’t fly, why not drive? With major airlines cancelling passenger air travel in an effort to curb the spread of Coronavirus, many people all over the world are now forced to stay put until the virus is contained. Despite all the disruption, a South African, Shane Oosthuizen along with his fiancé is devising a plan to drive from Austria to South Africa in a modified, offroad-ready first-generation Porsche Cayenne.

In an interview with Crazy About Porsche, Oosthuizen explains how he modified his Porsche Cayenne for the journey. Key modifications include a Front Runner roof rack for additional packing space (tent, jerry cans etc), lockable drawer system in the boot, full-size spare wheel and numerous PIAA rally lights for driving at night.

Oosthuizen also slightly modified the Cayenne’s air suspension to provide some more lift and the while wheel options were limited due to the size of the front brake rotors, with the help of Delta4x4, a set of 20-inch wheels and Cooper rubber were fitted. 

Oosthuizen says all the modifications took about a year to complete and the final stages of planning are now underway with a planned departure date set for end of June, but he admits that the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic could further interfere with his plans. 

Oosthuizen also mentions that they will likely travel off the beaten track and the journey could take anywhere between 3 to 4 months to complete. Good luck and bon voyage!

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