Drag Race: VW Golf 7 R vs Subaru STI (Video)

STI Vs Golf R

When you think about a compact, powerful, all-wheel drive car, it’s difficult not to think of the Subaru STI. It is a car that has defined a segment for as long as anyone cares to remember. But the times they are a’changing, and in some ways, the STI just hasn’t.

Just a few years ago, this race would have been rather silly. But with the latest generation of Golf, VW has not only attacked the territory dominated by the STI, but is running wild.

The current generation Subaru STI has exactly 221kW. As we learnt in our Golf R feature film, the Golf 7 R has 221kW. But that’s in Europe where it’s cold. Here in Africa where it’s hot, VW had to downtune the 2.0 litre, turbocharged motor to 206kW.

Both cars have clever all-wheel drive systems and I have no doubt that the STI would be quicker around a track; it is simply more hardcore and better set up for that purpose. But in reality, most owners will need the cars to perform in a straight line, when pride is at stake at the traffic lights.

And here’s the crucial difference, the STI is only available with a manual ‘box, while the Golf R can be fitted with DSG – VW’s double clutch gearbox.

And so we were very excited to put these two cars together on Killarney’s quarter mile drag strip. We ran the race multiple times and this was the closest result…

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VW Golf 7 R vs Subaru STI Video