Datsun Go Revealed in SA

Datsun GO 1

Datsun is officially back in business with the launch of the new Go hatchback scheduled to happen this year, marking the brand’s official return to the South African market.

Selected High line features

The Datsun GO is said to “offer first time new car buyers accessible motoring” with its stylish and modern looks and all the benefits that come with the pricier models in its segment.

Representing a simple city car, the five-door Go comes in at 1.6m wide, 1.4m tall and 3.7m long with a 2.4m wheelbase and is powered by a 1.2 petrol engine sending power to the front wheels through a five-speed manual gearbox. Fuel efficiency is rated to be over 20km/L.

“In creating the Go we designed a brand-new car that has all the benefits of models that are much more expensive. Our car has class-leading performance, economy and handling and is built to requirements, not down to a price… the addition of the many advanced features proves this,” said Vincent Cobee, global head of Datsun.

The Datsun Go is additionally equipped with a unique mobile docking station that will allow users to sync their smartphone with the audio system through a holder in the centre of the dashboard which can be paired by an AUX cable to the car’s system and the car’s integrated door mounted loudspeakers.

“Research has indicated that the Datsun GO purchasers, place a premium on having a car that reflects their individual personalities. As such a full range of optional accessories will be available to personalize the Datsun GO to owner’s requirements” added Des Fenner, General Manager, Datsun.

Datsun GO is planned to go on sale in the last quarter of CY2014 and the aim is to bring in the car in at under R 100,000 making it a real value proposition for the first time new car buyer.

Sales and service will be initially established through a network of 30 Datsun branded dealerships throughout South Africa, a number to be doubled in mid-term.

The Datsun GO is the realisation of the commitment made by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in March 2012 to return the Datsun brand to the marketplace. Datsun is the third brand for the Nissan Motor Company along with the company’s Nissan and Infiniti brands. Datsun will play an important role in the Nissan Power 88 mid-term business plan.