Chery's new VX 7-seater SUV


Chery has revealed an impressive new large SUV.

First shown in concept form last year, a production version of the Exeed VX is now ready. And the VX’s goal is to be a luxury SUV intended to conquer new global markets for Chery.

Like many other Chinese automotive companies, Chery is trying to launch more expensive luxury models, under their own sub-brand. In this case, Chery has chosen Exeed to be the name for that new venture.

Lexus proved the validity of this sub-brand strategy with its American debut (and subsequent success) throughout the 1990s.

Measuring 4.97m in length, the Exeed VX has adequate room for three rows of seating and rides on Chery’s new M3X vehicle architecture. The design is purposeful, with an oversized chrome-finish grille and narrow horizontal LED headlamps, which create the required large SUV presence.

Chery is aware that customer expectations for its Exeed brand will be higher, and there, it has subcontracted various components on the new VX to some of the world’s most renowned automotive suppliers.

The Exeed VX’s all-wheel-drive system is a joint effort, between Dana axles and Borg-Warner drivetrains, two very respected names in the realm of off-road capable differentials and components.

Hella provides the VX’s impressive LEDs, whilst Continental delivers the large SUV’s stability intervention systems and most of the electronic harmonisation. It also rolls on Continental tyres.

Although the Exeed VX is a big vehicle (slightly larger than VW’s Touareg), it is powered by relatively small engines. Customers will have the option on three four-cylinder petrol engines, which are turbocharged. All three engines drive through a Getrag seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, to ensure the best possible throttle response, despite their small capacities. 

The most potent engine is a 2-litre boosting 190 kW, whilst a lower-specification version of this powerplant is also available, producing 164 kW.

 Exeed VX’s least powerful engine is the turbocharged 1.6-litre, rated at only 147 kW, which might be a touch underwhelming, for an SUV of the VX’s size.

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