BMW X2 25e plugs-in for 162 kW

Bmw X2 Xdrive25e 2020

More power and lower consumption from part-electric X2.

BMW has expanded its X2 crossover range with a plug-in hybrid.

The new xDrive 25e features slight styling changes (BMW’s designers have deleted the fog lights), but the most significant update is its battery pack and electric motor.

Powering the xDrive 25e is a combination petrol and electric motor system, totalling 162 kW and 385 Nm of torque. Those outputs are generated by the familiar 1.5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine, and a new electric motor, mounted aft, powering this plug-in X2’s rear axle. Individually the powertrain components delivery 92 kW of petrol power and 70 kW of electric energy.

BMW claims swift performance numbers for its new hybrid X2, with the crossover capable of 0-100 kph in only 6.8 seconds and a lowish top speed of only 195 kph. Like many new vehicles featuring electrification, BMW’s engineers have limited top speed to ensure superior battery endurance and range.

Pure electric driving range is 57 km, which should make this crossover ideal for those who commute in punishingly slow traffic. At very low speeds the X2 xDrive 25e’s 10 kWh battery back can edge it along, without requiring combustion from the petrol engine, saving fuel.

Average fuel consumption, with the hybrid system managing its balance of petrol and electric powertrain elements, is a very impressive 2L/100 km.

As a dynamic driving experience, the hybridized X2 should be a touch more agile and stable too, thanks to a 10 mm lower ride height. BMW’s engineers made the decision to lower X2 eDrive 25e, with the goal of optimising aerodynamics by reducing its drag index.

The plug-in hybrid efficiency does come at a cost, as that electric motor powering the rear axle, sacrifices luggage capacity. Whereas other X2s have 470 litres of stowage space at the back, the 25e hybrid version has 60 litres less, at only 410 litres.

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