BMW M4 DTM vs Mercedes-AMG GTR - Track Race

In Part 2 of this mega head-to-head shootout, we head to the full circle for a hot lap race between these two very special cars.

The Bimmer is certainly the underdog here, with less power but less weight. And while the Mercedes Benz battled to get off the line in the drag race, it's huge power will certainly help it here at the Killarney circuit, a track which does favour more horsepower, given the two very long straights and fast, sweeping corners.

Watch the drag race here: 

Notes on our track test:

- Track test conducted at sea level

- Ambient temperature: 38 degrees Celcius (it was crushingly hot that day!)

- Circuit length: 2.7km

- Fuel: 95 Octane unleaded

- Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 (both cars, more wear on the BMW)

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