BMW M4 DTM vs Mercedes-AMG GTR - Drag Race

Occasionally, the planets align, racetracks suddenly become available, two very special cars are in good working order and haven't been binned by other journalists, and your in-house racing driver isn't in another country. All of which enabled us to set up the head-to-head of the year.

In Part 1 of this rather epic day at the track, we lined up the Mercedes-AMG GTR against the ultra-rare BMW M4 DTM for a quarter-mile drag race.

Look out for Part 2 launching on the channel soon, where we head to the full Killarney circuit for a hot lap shootout.

Some notes on our drag racing facility:

– The strip is actually the main straight of the Killarney race circuit. 

– It is slightly uphill.

– The surface around the launch area is heavily used on drag days and loads of rubber has been put down over the years.

– This rubber doesn't help unless it's been nicely warmed up - which in this case it certainly wasn't.

– Due to time restrictions, the cars ran once and we didn't have much time to get heat into the tyres

– Fuel in South Africa is generally quite rubbish and we were running the cars on 95 Octane.

– Ciro had a huge breakfast.

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