BMW M2 Production Ending Soon


European production of the BMW M2 is reportedly coming to an end in coming months.

The current-generation BMW M2 is a fine piece of machinery and not only has it impressed us thoroughly in the numerous performance match-ups we have enjoyed with it, all of which can be viewed on our YouTube channel, but it's also been a deserving multiple #CarsAwards powered by WesBank Performance Car winner and finalist over the years. 

In a report on BMWBlog, production of the M2 (M2 Competition and M2 CS) is due to come to an end in Europe in coming months, reportedly due to more stringent emissions standards. The M2, however, is not the latest BMW product to be shown the door. BMW's sole V12 engine which does service in the M760Li is also on the way out because of stricter emissions regulations. 

While this development is sad news for M2 fans, BMW is currently developing the new 2-Series Coupe which is due to be revealed in 2022. The new M2 Coupe is expected to employ a longitudinally-mounted 313 kW 3.0-litre straight-6 engine.

The BMW M2 CS, the swansong of the current-generation M2, is headed to South Africa before the end of the year and only 28 units will be available to customers. Due to the sheer interest in the M2 CS with over 300 customers expressing interest, there will be an auction of the 28 units and the customers will be the top BMW M customers from across SA who will have the chance to bid for one of these high-performance exclusive vehicles. The units are pre-configured and customers will not be able to choose specification. 

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