BMW M2 CS (2021) Specs & Price


The BMW M2 CS is confirmed for South Africa and we can confirm how many units we'll be getting, plus how to buy one if you're keen to own this high-performance model.

If you thought the BMW M2 and M2 Competition were high performance, then brace yourself for the ultimate iteration of the BMW M2. What you see here is the BMW M2 CS, an M2 that has been on a diet and given some additional power. The 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-6 motor now delivers 331 kW and 550 Nm, which is a bit more than the standard BMW M2 Competition at 302 kW.

The additional power means it's a bit faster in the acceleration stakes. A 6-speed manual or 7-speed DCT will be available and that will ensure brisk acceleration from zero to 100 kph in 4.2 and 4.0 seconds respectively. The M2 CS rides on 19-inch Y-spoke wheels in a gloss black finish and shod in Michelin Sport Cup 2 rubber. Carbon fibre has been used extensively to reduce weight. The bonnet, front splitter and roof are made of carbon fibre. The roof also features a new sandwich design which lowers weight further while increasing structural rigidity and lowering the car’s centre of gravity. Adaptive M Suspension and M Sport brakes are standard and new ball joints and elastomeric bearings have been fitted to the front and rear axles. Carbon-ceramic brakes are optional. All of this means it's going to be one serious corner-carving machine. The savings of the carbon fibre pieces are actually offset by the added weight of the adaptive M suspension so the CS weights the same as a normal M2. Option in the carbon-ceramic brakes and you get a 25 kg saving in total.

As for the interior, the use of carbon fibre continues as seen on the door pulls, door trim and centre console. Alcantara with contrast stitching is prevalent inside the M2 CS, including the thick steering wheel. M Competition sport seats are covered in black leather and Alcantara and feature a CS logo on the headrests that let people know you are driving the real deal. 

BMW M2 CS Price in South Africa

During a well-executed social media video conference, BMW SA and BMW M SA representatives discussed how it will be selling the newcomer. BMW South Africa has confirmed there will be 30 units coming to our shores. Two units will be staying with BMW SA as marketing vehicles, with 28 being available for customers. COVID-19 has had a massive impact on production and distribution, but BMW SA is trying to get the cars assembled in the next month or two, to ensure the vehicles all land at the same time and before the end of 2020. 

There will be 4 colour options: Hockenheim Silver, Sapphire Black, Alpine White and Misano Blue (the colour you see here.).  Due to the sheer interest with BMW SA claiming over 300 customers expressing interest, there will be an auction of the 28 units and the customers will be the top BMW M customers from across SA who will have the chance to bid for one of these high-performance exclusive vehicles. Interestingly, BMW SA said that there will be no chance to configure the vehicles as they will already be assembled, so they'll be doing the options. There should be some variety, with different wheels, colours, manual/DCT and some cars will have carbon-ceramic brakes. The idea is you will have to bid on your perfect spec. 

In terms of pricing, the current BMW M2 Competition retails for just over R1 million, but given the exclusivity and the fact that all units are going under the auction hammer, it's easy to see them fetching between R1.4 million and R1.6 million.

If you are an existing BMW M customer and want one of these beauties, best you contact your local dealer to get put on the shortlist!

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