Audi Reverts to Diesel Power for S7

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Smaller engines and diesel fuel option for Audi’s latest S6 and S7.

Audi has revealed the latest iterations of its renowned S6 and S7 luxury car performance platforms and the most surprising feature is the presence of TDI badging.

The new S6 is available in sedan and station wagon (Avant) configuration, while the S7 retains its liftback body style.

All these new Audi high-performance vehicles feature the brand’s latest 48v electrical architecture, which allows for mild hybridization in terms of brake energy harvesting and storage. Up to 8 kW of harvested energy can be used when pulling away in traffic, at speed up to 22 kph, in bursts of 40 seconds – which is sure to save fuel in heavily trafficked commuting conditions.

Powering the new S6/7 range are a choice of two engines: both turbocharged V6s, which replace the twin-turbocharged 4-litre V8 engine previously nestling above the front axle of S6 and S7 Audis. The distribution of these new V6 engines will vary by market, with a 2.9-litre V6 turbocharged petrol, boosting 335 kW and 600 Nm, destined for most geographies outside of Europe.

There will also be a diesel-powered option for prospective new generation S6/7 owners, essentially the engine which debuted in SQ7. This 3-litre turbodiesel is good for 257 kW and 700 Nm, and unlike the petrol powered S6/7s, Audi has released preliminary performance numbers for its new diesel-powered performance cars. Those statistics read as 0-100 kph in 5 seconds for the S6 sedan, whilst the S6 Avant and S7 Sportback, due to their slightly heavier mass, run the benchmark acceleration test in 5.1 seconds.

Beyond the striking styling and gorgeously detailed cabin architecture, these new Audis feature a host of mechanical details which make them deserving of their ‘S’-badge lineage. Buyers will have the option of adaptive air suspension with a rear sports differential and enormous carbon-ceramic brakes, measuring 400 mm behind the front wheels and 350 mm in diameter at the rears. Factory fitted S6/7 wheels are 20-inches, with an inched-up ’21 rim optional. All S6/7s will be built with Audi’s comprehensive digital cockpit, featuring a 12.3-inch infotainment display, as standard equipment. 

The new S6/7 range are large luxury cars and to ensure they exhibit greater agility when parking or manoeuvring at slow speeds, there is also an optional all-wheel steering system which turns the rear wheels in a five-degree opposing angle to the fronts, up to 60kph. At speeds beyond 60 kph, this action is synchronised, with rear wheels turning in unison with the front axle steering input, at an angle up to two degrees, thereby increasing tracking stability.

Audi South Africa has pencilled in the S6 and S7 models for SA, but is not sure on when it will make them available for purchase. The S6 Avant will not be making its way to SA unfortunately, no matter how much we like station wagons, they just don't sell enough here.

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